Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Sri Lankan Airlines website times out without response..

Around the 21st of April I was trying to purchase an air ticket to Bangalore through the Sri Lankan airlines website, but it did not allow me to continue to purchase the ticket beyond the passenger details page. Since I was in a hurry, I paid a small premium and purchased the ticket via the phone booking service instead. I complained this to the email address, but no one even cared to respond.

Today nearly after 5 weeks, I am again encountering the same issue. I am trying with multiple web browsers on multiple operating systems, but the page at fails to respond as shown below.

FireFox on Ubuntu

Chrome on Ubuntu

IE on Windows

Chrome on Windows

When I started complaining today, I was getting directed to the customer service personnel who kept transferring me when I asked to speak to someone who will "understand" the issue I am complaining. I kept asking for some direct contact to the IT department, but I was not successful.

Finally I was able to speak to someone very helpful, who tried her best to resolve the matter by taking down my contact information while trying to reach the IT staff herself, as she was not allowed to release direct contact information to me. She acknowledged that my complaint has been received, and that I will receive a response within today. Now, that's the best service I've seen from Sri Lankan - keep it up!

So a short while ago, I receive the following email from Sri Lankan eCommerce team, and I am trying to use this blog and the screenshots to help them figure out what the problem is.

I am using SLT ADSL, and would be happy to demonstrate this first hand to anyone from Sri Lankan Airline IT on my computers.

I strongly believe that the reason that you have not received any complaints is because:
  1. No body else would go this extra mile to nail down the issue, and contact Sri Lanka to get it fixed
  2. Others would simply not be able to reach  Sri Lankan IT
  3. They would select another airline
So, please! try to find what's wrong with your booking engine and get it fixed, so that I can continue to purchase my own air tickets myself via the web :)

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juriusz said...

One year after your kind intervention the problem has not been resolved. I am afraid I am not going to use Sri Lankan. If an airline is unable to provide a working server, then they are not to be trusted. Honestly, they are a joke.