Tuesday, July 28, 2015

WTF is wrong with RedHerring?

On the 2nd of July 2014, I reply to Sean Lee from RedHerring that we are not interested in participating in it, with a polite email message:

Hi Sean
We would not be participating in RedHerring. Please remove us from any mailing lists.


Then, again on the 10th of July 2014, he sends the same email to which I reply:

Hi Sean

What's wrong with RedHerring? We said that we would NOT be participating, and you still keep on sending us spam!


In 2015, he starts the whole process of spamming all over again with an email on the 8th of July 2015.

He sends it twice more on the 13th, after which I reply back with:

Please stop spamming!
We are not interested in RedHerring and have told this before.

Then again today (28th) he sends the same email thrice!!! saying:
"Dear Asankha,
Since I haven’t yet heard back from you from previous correspondence, I wanted to reach out once more ...

WTF is wrong with RedHerring??!

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