Thursday, April 02, 2020

Quick Guide to ordering online from Keells

Note: This post is written on the 2nd April.. just one day after I successfully used the following tips myself and was successful in placing my order. This maybe outdated if you are reading this later and YMMV

Keells Super is one of the leading supermarket chains in Sri Lanka, and many people are waiting to order online. The site is facing a lot of load, which breaks the system and frustrates the users. After I was successful in placing an order myself, few of my friends asked me for tips, and I saw some other longer posts and I thought of sharing these for use by anyone:


1. The website is - Do NOT try anything else!

2. Try these steps outside of the 6am onward rush hours

    1. You need to copy the above URL "" and keep pasting it into a new web browser or browser tab and become one of the allowed 1,000 concurrent login users
    2. Create a new login - if you do not have one, or login with existing account
    3. Select any available district and suburb (e.g. Galle / somewhere) and begin adding items to your cart. There are limited items - so don't look for anything else. Also you can add 3 items or 3Kg of items, so be considerate.
    4. Save the shopping cart with some name 
    5. Leave an alarm for 6am for the following day
3. Try these steps  starting from 6am onward until you are successful

  1. Copy the above URL "" and keep pasting it into a new web browser or browser tab and become one of the allowed 1,000 concurrent login users
  2. Login and load your already saved cart
  3. Checkout as soon as possible. If that fails, you will have to retry multiple times here too. It might be worth to save the URL "" and keep pasting it into a new tab (Do not close the browser window - since you will loose your login)
  4. As soon as you are able to, make the payment - I selected Amex as I thought that had lower rush - and give the OTP and credit card details, and wait for the confirmation. The site may even show an error page at this time, but if the payment goes through and/or if you receive the email confirmation you will be safe

The following is for Keells Team
  • Thanks to Ramesh who was available and responding to FB feedback from users like me at 6am! We really appreciate your efforts and personal intervention. Its nice to see the top most person being available to end users. That's something priceless!
  • When people fail, they keep trying.. and that keeps adding more load to your system and servers, so consider the following:
    • Create a separate website for isolation and allow users to prepay via credit card and purchase a voucher, or credit balance for the online account. This moves load away from the banks and the checkout process at the rush hour as OTP process for payment could be tedious
    • Allow users to login at any time and place the orders and provide the payment voucher / credit balance. And issue them a token number.
    • Iterate through the orders periodically, based on availability at stores, and ability to fulfill, and most first come first serve - based on availability. Allow partial fulfillment - you can do this with the credit balance/voucher balance easily 
    • Inform each user within 24hrs if the order was successful that day or will be processed later.
    • Allow users to cancel order based on token number, if they no longer want to retry the next day - and avoid stale oders
    • Ship the orders and inform users via email, and you can limit the orders to 1,000 per day or whatever load the computer and human teams can handle, the process will be fair too and IT folks like me will not have an undue advantage either :)

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