Friday, June 13, 2008

Major bug with Ohloh makes it almost useless?!

Apache Synapse became a Top Level Project (TLP) of the Apache Software Foundation (ASF) a few months back, and thus we had to change our SVN url. Although our SVN contains history spanning back to almost three (3) years back, Ohloh only sees the project as only 5 months old!

I have complained about this to Ohloh 4 months back, at which time they stated
..We are unable to follow development activity across branches or directory moves..As far as I can tell there is no workaround. This affects a lot of projects, and I desperately want to get this fixed, but it will take some time.

Like they claimed, this affects many many projects! For example check Apache HttpComponents, ServiceMix, MINA..etc! This list will go on and on, since each new project started at the ASF will first go through incubation and then graduation, followed optionally by a move to become a TLP, and at each of these stages, the SVN url could possibly change.

Since the code metrics reported for so many of thes open source projects are just plain wrong, how can any of the information presented by ohloh be useful to anyone?

I sure hope someone at ohloh recognises the importance of this, and fixes this ASAP!

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