Monday, January 05, 2009

A project for Christmas 2008

During the last Christmas holidays, I wanted to use my vacation time to build a corner sofa set for use at home.. however, due to many unexpected obligations, I couldn't finally find any time for it.. So this year, I got a deadline to either build it before the 24th, or to buy it! Since I finally had to get someone else to build the pantry cupboards (which I wanted to do - if I had the time) as well, I decided not to let this opportunity pass by.. after all, I am working as an independent consultant now, and it was holidays around the world anyway!

So I started to look for a simple software to design the structure, the Google Sketchup came in very handy! I also used the measurements I took some time ago from the corner sofa set bought for the WSO2 office in Colombo. I had to spend on the fabric, wood and the foam and it cost around the equivalent of $500.. it took about a week to come into shape, and finally my wife helped with the sewing of the fabric and the cushions. I did stay up all night on the 23rd, to ensure that everything was ready by the morning of the 24th :)

Here are some pics taken during the construction.. if you need the Sketchup files, let me know

Finishing off with padding and foam..

Making the frame..

Cutting the wood.. with the use of support 'templates' to get correct edges with the circular saw..


Anonymous said...

Now we know where not to sit when we come to your house. ;)
Just kidding. It looks great and hope it feels that way too.
I am sure you made it as comfortable as possible as once in a while you have to sleep on that... ;)

Great job Asankha! I wish I had that much of time. I am waiting for about 3 months to find time just to put up a shelf. :(


Sanjiva Weerawarana said...

Wow! Very cool .. write ESB code and build Sofas .. that's what I call a multifunction consultant!

Umayanga Suran Jayathilaka said...

Hey that's really kewl! Great job. Looks great!

Saliya Ekanayake said...

Great work!

Sumedha Rubasinghe said...

Looks like someone has visited Avenue Posh Sofa's workshop. ;-)